The Big Bang, Genesis, and Light. Is God really light, or is that expression just a metaphor?

In the bible we read this verse from 1 John:

1 John 1:5

This is the message we have heard from Him and announce to you, that God is Light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.

Is God as light just a metaphor?  Almost all bible scholars subscribe to the view that God as light is a metaphor – a symbol of God’s righteousness.  Perhaps a deeper investigation is in order as there seems to me a legitimate reason to discard the metaphor perspective and subscribe to the view that God really is light – literally.

So, what is light as described by physicists?  Here is how Wikipedia explains light:

In physics, the term light sometimes refers to electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength, whether visible or not.  In this sense, gamma rays, X-rays, microwaves and radio waves are also light. Like all types of EM radiation, visible light propagates as waves. However, the energy imparted by the waves is absorbed at single locations the way particles are absorbed. The absorbed energy of the EM waves is called a photon, and represents the quanta of light. When a wave of light is transformed and absorbed as a photon, the energy of the wave instantly collapses to a single location, and this location is where the photon “arrives.” This is what is called the wave function collapse. This dual wave-like and particle-like nature of light is known as the wave–particle duality. 

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Understanding the Enemy

This post is an excerpt from the book Betting on Jesus – Chapter 12.  The reason I included this particular chapter was twofold – first, to convince the reader that we really are approaching a point where our economic system will break down, and it will impact all of us to some degree.  Second, to make the point that the times we are living in bear a striking resemblance to the times the Bible speaks of that will usher in the Great Tribulation period followed by the Second Coming of Christ.

After the Great Recession in 2008-09, our government elected to initiate policy that would drive economic activity higher in spite of the working classes inability to do so in the aggregate.  That was a seminal shift in governmental policy – something we have never seen before on such a massive scale.  Our government debt levels headed for the stratosphere, more than doubling from roughly $9 trillion to $20 trillion in just 8 years. 

This short excerpt from Chapter 12 explains some of the things that validate my point that we are rapidly approaching a break down in our economic systems, and the path we are on is unequivocally irreversible – of that I am certain, and not based on anything other than my expertise in the area of economics.

As a research analyst, and a fairly decent economist, I see things other don’t see.  Things that don’t make a lot of sense if our government leaders are really working to create the best possible world for their constituents.  For instance, I’ve seen a massive public welfare program put in place over the last several decades with the recipient of the benefits of this pubic welfare policy being large cap multi-national corporations – those who least need it – not those who are striving to survive, and these mega multinational corporations are being allowed to exploit the working class in ways that will ultimately lead to a breakdown of our basic economic model.

What I am referring to is a consolidation of power in the hands of fewer and fewer big banks and big corporations.  Not only does that produce massive wealth for those who control these behemoths, it also creates a condition where all the money is sucked out of local communities, and it virtually guarantees that small local business owners will fail.  You can’t compete with the likes of Walmart or Home Depot if you want to set up a business that sells a product that these companies sell.  The days of the local lumber yard, the local hardware store, the local home appliance store, the local carpet store, the local paint store – well you get the idea, you just can’t compete.

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We Launched Betting on Jesus Two Weeks Ago Today and Here is What We Accomplished

Two weeks ago today we launched the Betting on Jesus website.  I admit I had no idea what to expect, and I had no idea how to proceed.  I was confident we would be able to publish quality content, but less confident that merely publishing quality content would be enough to succeed.

Determined to use as many avenues as possible in the social media realm to get the word out on our website, I set up a Facebook page – also entitled Betting on Jesus.  Here are the results for the first two weeks.  We were able to reach 1,702 people through Facebook:


And, here are the results of our outreach on the Betting on Jesus website.  We had 416 visits to the website, and we were able to connect with a lot of friends outside the United States:



That was the good part of the first two weeks.  Here are the areas I wish we could have done better in:

  1. Not enough people elected to follow us, either on Facebook or the website. We need followers.
  2. We also need people who are willing to share a few of our posts from time to time on Facebook.
  3. We need help distributing the Betting on Jesus book.  Our goal isn’t to make money on book sales as we plan to use the proceeds from those book sales to do God’s work.  For instance, our Mercy Ships Fund Raiser.  We will follow that with another good cause, but it would please us greatly if more would help us with our current program.
  4. We would like to see some comments and questions, and don’t hesitate to challenge us on a point that you see differently than we do.

Here’s the thing – we want what we publish to resonate with our viewers, and for that to happen we need feedback.  Our message is an important one – the most important one.  And, we can’t accomplish our goal without your help.

It is a sad testament to our times – although I admit to being entertained – that videos like the one below can generate over 7 million views, and we can’t generate 7,000.   My 20 year old son says that I have to become famous if I want to have a real impact.  This video is what he means by famous.

This young man has gotten rich publishing this sort of thing on his YouTube channel, and I think he is just 16.  He has 2.7 million subscribers.  Surely we can get to 27,000 – but not without your help.

The Battle Between Christians And Academia – Rescuing The Souls Of Our Children Through Truth In Science

A few days ago I posted a link to a book I had recently published entitled Betting on Jesus.  I submitted the post on Reddit’s Christianity sub-group in hopes of stimulating a vigorous discussion on some of the issues I talk about in the book.  By clicking on the link I posted you are taken directly to the book’s Amazon page and allowed to read a good portion of the book in their “Look Inside” option for free, and one of those Reddit members had indeed done just that.

Well, it would be an understatement to say that my mission was accomplished.  I did indeed stimulate a vigorous discussion – specifically on the matter of evolution.  One of those I engaged with challenged an assertion I made in the opening chapter – that assertion being that the Theory of Evolution and Christianity were mutually exclusive.  He wrote in his first post that billions of Christians would disagree with me on my point, and he went on to tell me that the Theory of Evolution was no longer a theory – rather, it was now considered a scientific fact.

My initial response was to challenge him on his unsupported claim that billions of Christians believed that evolution was no longer considered theory.  He relented on that point when I established that there are only about 2.2 billion Christians in the world today so the odds of “billions of Christians” believing evolution is a fact – his words – would constitute a very bombastic embellishment of the truth.

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