The Deep State Reacts with Hostility After F.B.I. Comey Loyal Decides to Release a Few Innocuous Details of Trump/Comey Meeting   

After FBI Director James Comey was given his walking papers on May 9, tensions have been high, but things came unhinged over night as one of Mr. Comey’s former associates at the F.B.I. decided to speak with a NY Times reporter about Comey’s private memos detailing his meetings with Trump.  Here is an excerpt from that exchange:

“I hope you can see your way clear to letting this go, to letting Flynn go,” Mr. Trump told Mr. Comey, according to the memo. “He is a good guy. I hope you can.”  Mr. Trump told Mr. Comey that Mr. Flynn had done nothing wrong, according to the memo.

Mr. Comey did not say anything to Mr. Trump about curtailing the investigation, replying only: “I agree he is a good guy.”

Then the White House released these comments:

“While the president has repeatedly expressed his view that General Flynn is a decent man who served and protected our country, the president has never asked Mr. Comey or anyone else to end any investigation, including any investigation involving General Flynn,” the statement said. “The president has the utmost respect for our law enforcement agencies, and all investigations. This is not a truthful or accurate portrayal of the conversation between the president and Mr. Comey.”

Apparently the Comey memos are unclassified, and I am sure that is true, and by design.  More importantly though, the words reported by the unidentified Comey associate seem rather innocuous to me.  President Trump isn’t demanding anything of Comey – he is simply expressing his opinion.  At least that is all he is doing in the words printed by the NY Times so far.  Is it somehow illegal for Trump to make those statements behind closed doors?  It certainly would be perfectly permissible to state his opinion in a press conference.  What – one wonders – might be appropriate conversation between an F.B.I. Director and his boss?

Nothing here folks – move on.  But that isn’t what’s going on.  To the contrary – the propaganda machine is grabbing soundbites from the deep state old liners, and embellishing the comments by presenting them in a tabloid style hit piece.

It’s the sort of thing we see all the time if we are willing to look at events objectively instead of through the lens of the propagandists who run our media today.  Trump is an enigma.  One minute he seems sincere in his efforts to “drain the swamp”, and the next minute we see swamp creatures like John McCain and Lyndsey Graham – McCain’s protégé – suddenly getting behind Trump – most recently when Trump dropped a MOAB bomb on a Syrian airfield in response to what was – to me at least – a false flag release of chemical weapons.

Now we have Representative Jason Chaffetz joining the fray with a demand for all documents Comey has regarding his conversations with Trump.  Up till now, it was my opinion that Chaffetz was one of the few “good guys” left in the D.C. swamp, but maybe I was wrong again.  Here is an excerpt from NY Times explaining the move by Chaffetz:

Representative Jason Chaffetz, chairman of the House oversight committee, was right Tuesday night to immediately demand all documents related to conversations between Mr. Comey and the president, including any recordings Mr. Trump may have secretly made. But other Republicans were once again struggling to look the other way. Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said the burden was on The Times to produce the memo. Perhaps he forgot his own committee’s authority to subpoena Mr. Comey’s memo, and his testimony.

Mr. Comey certainly has the free time to testify. Mr. Trump fired him last week, just as the bureau’s investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign and efforts by Russian officials to influence the presidential election was heating up. After the White House tried to produce a coherent rationale for the president’s action that would distance it from the Russia investigation, the president himself made the connection explicit. In a television interview days later, Mr. Trump said his decision was based at least in part on his belief that “this Russia thing” was a “made-up story.”

The NY Times piece – with credits for the op-ed given to the NY Times Editorial Board – concludes with these remarks:

Taken together with the news of Mr. Comey’s memo and reports that Mr. Trump had tried to extract a loyalty pledge from him after learning about the Flynn investigation, it is hard not to see the outlines of an attempt by Mr. Trump to quash a criminal investigation that could reach into the highest levels of his campaign and administration.

This growing crisis now raises urgent questions of abuse of executive power and demands an immediate and thorough response. The White House cannot police itself, of course, and Americans can’t have an ounce of faith in the Justice Department, which is run by an attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who was Mr. Trump’s top cheerleader in the Senate. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who alone has the power to appoint a special counsel, has not given any indication that he plans to do so.

When will Republicans in Congress decide that enough is enough? Do they need Mr. Trump’s approval ratings to dip below 30 percent? Do they need first to ram through their deeply unpopular agenda? Or it is possible they might at last consult their consciences, and recall that they took an oath to uphold the Constitution?

We are allowed to say just about anything it seems in an op-ed piece, but I find it highly suspect when not a single journalist is willing to associate his name with such sloppy journalism.  How does President Trump’s comment that Flynn is a nice guy and the President hopes he can see a way to “let this go” support the bombastic comments made above by the NY Times Editorial Board?

I’m not defending Donald Trump here, but I am incensed by the media’s consistent overreach when looking for ammunition they can use to disparage him.  If he survives, and ultimately prevails, it will assuredly be some kind of divine miracle.  There is always more to this sort of thing than meets the eye, and my past attempts to predict what comes next have been wrong as often as right, so maybe this will pass.  Or, maybe it was all just a set-up to produce a market dip for the plutocrats and their central bank puppets who are running the show to take advantage of before propelling the rigged stock market to new highs.  I confess – my cynicism is at extreme levels of late – but not without cause.  It is truly a bizarre world we live in today.





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